Why Circus Arts?

Fitness, Fun & Community

Circus is fun for all- adults & children alike, with no age or fitness level requirements, South Coast Circus has a class to suit all ages, skill & fitness levels.

Not only is circus fun, it challenges you to step outside of your comfort zone, build trust in yourself, confidence & become a part of a like minded community. At South Coast Circus, we believe in creating a safe, encouraging, welcoming environment & a place to "belong". 

Lastly circus is great for all areas of fitness. It's cardio, coordination & strength training all wrapped up into one. You'll engage and use your entire body, tone, lose weight*, improve coordination & gain overall fitness improvements from 1 hour of regular circus participation weekly.

Do I need to be strong, flexible or co-ordinated to participate? Absolutely not!! The best way to gain the "right" strength, flexibility & coordination for circus arts, is by participating in circus arts. We all start somewhere, there is no better day than today to start!


At South Coast Circus, we pride ourselves on tailoring our classes to our participants. If you have a specific need, goal or question get in touch today.

*Results vary & are dependant on personal circumstances.