Our Core Values

Our core values:

SELF: To empower our participants to embrace, trust, take safe risks & build community. 

WORK: persistence, resilience and hard work is key to gaining results & new skills. At South Coast Circus, we know you will encounter "bumps" along your journey, but we are here to support you to keep working & recognising your growth.

BELIEF: Belief in ones self to achieve any goal you set for your journey at South Coast Circus, & belief in our ability to guide & support you through your journey. We believe in challenging what you think is unachievable & stepping outside of your self limiting boundaries.

SAFETY:  Safety is our highest priority at South Coast Circus. We believe in progressive teaching methods, to ensure all participants are working within safe & achievable challenges. We also aim to provide the highest quality equipment & safety measures to ensure we limit risks involved in participating in our classes. Emotional safety is also key in our values for all participants of our community. Bullying, gossiping, unsafe behaviours & abuse/threatening behaviours  will not be tolerated at South Coast Circus, & will be handled accordingly. South Coast Circus is also a child safe venue, with all staff holding current clear National Police Checks & Mandatory Notification certificates. 

COMMUNITY: At South Coast Circus we believe that individuals thrive when given the opportunity to belong & be free to be themselves. We aim to provide a safe, welcoming, friendly environment that promotes connection, support & community for all.