Adult Classes

Circus fun, fitness & Community

Adult Aerial 18+ , 1.25 hour $180, 10 week term.

This is the perfect class to start your aerial journey, get a taste of aerials as a whole or continue your journey across disciplines. Lyra (Aerial Hoop), Hammock, Aerial Silks (Tissu) & Dance Trapeze

Adult Lyra 18+, 1.25 hour $180 10 week term.

Lyra is both fun & challenging for all levels. This speciality class is a great way to start your aerial journey, challenge your strength & gain confidence.


Adult General Circus, 1.5 hours $180,  10 week term.

Welcome to the world of all things circus. This 1.5 hour class is the perfect mixture of strength training, flexibility training, cardio, aerial apparatus' & ground based disciplines. Something for everyone & a great opportunity to try something new.


CircFit/ CircFit & Flex, 1 hour $150, 10 week term.

This one hour class is focussed on gaining & training strength, utilising circus equipment & skills to do so. Our CircFit & Flex class also combines active flexibility into our class to achieve your flexibility goals.

Parkour, 1 hour classes 5+, $170 -10 week term. 

Parkour was developed in the late 1980's in France, Parkour is the art of transversing obstacles both man made & natural, in ones environment by rolling, jumping, climbing, running, vaulting etc. It is an art of movement and philosophy in which one trains to overcome any obstacle, whether physical or mental, using only the body and mind as quoted by https://athletics.fandom.com/wiki/Parkour. Our classes are run & supported by the South Australian Parkour Association. Parkour Minis (5-8), Parkour Juniors (9-12) & Open Age Parkour (13+) there is a class for every need & ability.

Tumbling, 1 hour class, 16+, $180 10 week term

Come and learn all things tumbling. Have you ever wanted to learn to cartwheel, handstand, roll or flip (and everything in between)? Then tumbling is exactly what you are looking for. This skill set will get your body moving in many different ways on the ground and upside down. 

Partner and group Acro, 1 hour class, $170 10 week term 16+

Partner and group acro is an art form commonly seen in the circus world, yoga and cheer world. This practise utilises safe stacking, weight sharing/loading to form shapes and stunts working in pairs and groups. The possibilities are endless and tonnes of fun. Bring a friend, partner or family member, or come meet some like minded community members to fly and base your skills to new heights.

Yoga, 1 hour class, $150 10 week term

A mind & body practice, that aids in relaxation, physical posture/stretch positions, breathing techniques & meditation. Suitable for all YOGI levels. 

DanceFit, 1 hour class, $150 10 week term

Good for the whole body, come & dance the night away. Laugh, move your body & feel the freedom of expression from movement to get fit & destress. 

BoxFit, 1 hour class, $150 10 week term

Boxing designed to get your heart rate up, have fun & destress. Mitt sparing & cardio based tracks, suitable for all fitness levels.

Hula, 1 hour class, $160 10 week term 16+

Come and learn the circus art form of hula hoop. Hula is a fun & great way to get your cardio up, have a laugh and challenge yourself in a new and exciting way. This class is your gateway to circus hula style with learning sequencing, body hooping and transitions, plus routines to bring all your learning together. 

Flow Hula, 1 hour class, $160 10 week term, 16+

This class is another form of hula technique and a different skill set to add to your collection. Flow hula utilises off body hooping, isolations and patterning to create effective sequences seen in flow and fire art. Why not add to your hula knowledge and explore both realms of hula hooping in one safe and fun space. 

Fan Flow, 1 hour class, $170 10 week term, 16+

Fan flow is an exciting flow art form where the use of fans creates patterns and dance sequences , to explore your style, flow and personality. Fans used are veil fans and fire practise fans to learn and understand the art of dancing with fans. 

Dragon staff, 1 hour class $180 10 week term, 16 +

An exciting flow art form that uses a staff in contact with your body and flow movement pathways, to create beautiful effects and expressive movement. Our staffs have both dragon claws and fire spokes, to offer diversity in the movements that can be created.

 Modern Jive, $160 10 week term, 16+

Modern jive is a fusion of many partner dance styles, meant to create a social, fun form of partner dance. Its great for all skill levels from "two left feet" through to the experienced dancer

Open Training, 13+ 2 hours, $10 per session, current enrolled students only, or by invite.

This is a 2 hour session that is open for all to come along & practice the skills you have been working on, socialise, stretch etc. This is a self directed class, safety precautions are required to be implemented no teaching of new skills during this session, supervision & support provided.

Multi class & family  discounts available. Please discuss these options with our staff or email chantellesccs@gmail.com.


All prices listed are for a 10 week term unless stated otherwise.