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"the original heavy metal- circus-opera"- AU Review, 2020, DYSTOPIA Adelaide Fringe

CircAxe is a fresh and unique take on performing arts and live entertainment, combining live guitar and original music with circus and physical theatre. 

Following Scott and Chantelle Reed’s successful 2019
Adelaide Fringe season performing their award winning show under a different brand,  CircAxe brings forth the next chapter for this
unique brand of performing artistry.
Scott Reed is an Adelaide based guitar virtuoso and progressive musical composer and producer.

Scott’s blistering, highly technical yet soulful style of guitar playing compliments a diverse musical
accompaniment, ranging from symphonic and ambient to Earth shakingly heavy.


Chantelle Reed is an Adelaide based Circus trainer and performer specialising in Lyra and Aerial
disciplines. Chantelle directs the Circus elements of CircAxe which boasts multiple award winning
performers across a variety of aerial, floor, flow and fire disciplines.

Available to tailor Corporate Performances to your need, get in touch today to discuss your requirements & gain a quote.   March 2023

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