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Children, Youth & Family Classes

Unlock Your True Potential at South Coast Circus - Aerials, Tumbling, Flow Arts, Dance, Parkour and more. Fun, Fitness and community in the south!

Tots & Me, $160 10 week term, 1 hour.
This class is for caregiver & toddlers 18months up to 3 years. Introduce your little one to the magical world of the circus with our Toddler General Circus program, designed to ignite their imagination and foster essential developmental skills. Caregivers, join in the fun as you bond with your child in this unique and engaging experience. As they explore the colourful circus environment, toddlers will enhance their motor skills, balance, and coordination, all while developing a sense of wonder and creativity. Our classes provide a nurturing space for social interaction, as children learn to share, take turns, and cooperate with peers. Plus, caregivers get to witness the joy and growth firsthand, making precious memories together. Join us today for a delightful journey under the big top, where learning and laughter go hand in hand!

Circus Tots, 45 mins, $150 10 week term, 45 mins.
This class is for tots aged 3-5 (non school attending). Circus classes for 3-5 year olds offer a delightful blend of physical, cognitive, and social benefits that foster holistic development in young children. These classes not only provide a fun and engaging way for kids to expend their boundless energy but also enhance their motor skills, balance, and coordination. Through activities like juggling, tumbling, and aerial silks, youngsters learn body awareness and control, building confidence in their physical abilities. Circus classes also encourage creativity and problem-solving as children tackle various challenges and develop new tricks. Beyond physical prowess, these classes promote teamwork and cooperation, helping kids develop important social skills while enjoying the thrill of performing together. In addition to the physical and social advantages, circus classes instill a sense of discipline, perseverance, and a lifelong appreciation for the arts, making them a fantastic and well-rounded activity for preschoolers.
Circus Minis (5-8)/Circus Juniors  (7-12) 1 hour, $170 10 week term.  
This class is for school aged children 5-12. Circus classes for 5-12 year olds offer a wealth of benefits that go far beyond just fun and entertainment. These classes provide a unique platform for children to develop essential physical skills like balance, flexibility, and coordination while engaging in exciting activities like juggling, acrobatics, and tightrope walking. Circus classes also foster creativity and self-expression as kids explore their artistic side through various acts and performances. Moreover, the challenges and tasks involved in circus arts promote problem-solving and resilience, teaching youngsters the value of persistence and determination. In addition to these physical and cognitive advantages, circus classes nurture confidence, teamwork, and cooperation as children collaborate with their peers on group acts, encouraging strong social bonds and friendships. Overall, circus classes for 5-12 year olds provide a dynamic and multifaceted learning experience that not only keeps children active but also nurtures their development in various aspects of life.

My Adult & Me 1 hour, 9+, $160 pp 10 week term.

Welcome to the thrilling world of "My Adult and Me" Circus Classes! Unleash the magic of circus arts and create unforgettable memories with your child as you embark on a unique and exciting adventure together. Our specialized program is designed for children aged 9 and above, inviting both parents, mentors, older siblings, significant adults and guardians to join in the fun.
Step into the enchanting realm of acrobatics, juggling, and balance, where you and your child will discover the joy of collaboration and skill-building. Our experienced instructors create a safe and supportive environment, ensuring a delightful experience for participants of all levels.
As you and your child soar through the air, conquer new challenges, and master dazzling tricks, you'll not only strengthen your bond but also foster confidence, coordination, and a sense of accomplishment. Join us in this extraordinary circus journey, where the spotlight shines on the incredible connection between you and your child. Unearth the magic, laughter, and shared triumphs that make "My Adult and Me" Circus Classes an unforgettable family affair. Enrol now and let the circus adventure begin!

This class is not eligible for multi-class discount; due to already being heavily discounted
to make it an affordable  package for 2.

Junior Aerial/Teen Aerial 1 hour, 9- 12, $180 10 week term.
This is the perfect class to start your aerial journey, get a taste of aerials as a whole or continue your journey across disciplines. Lyra (Aerial Hoop), Hammock, Aerial Silks (Tissu) & Dance Trapeze.Introducing our exhilarating Mixed Aerials program, designed especially for adventurous individuals aged 9 and above! If your child is seeking a thrilling and unique experience, look no further. Our Mixed Aerials classes combine the beauty and grace of aerial skills with the strength and excitement of flying through the air. These classes not only foster strength, flexibility, and body awareness but also empower young participants to conquer the heights with confidence and poise. Under the guidance of our expert instructors, students will learn mesmerizing moves and breathtaking transitions that will leave them feeling like circus stars. Join us in elevating your child's confidence, physical fitness, and creative expression with Mixed Aerials – where the sky's the limit!

Parkour, 1 hour classes 3+, $170-$180 10 week term. 
Parkour is a dynamic and exhilarating athletic discipline that involves moving through urban environments with seamless fluidity and efficient motion. Practitioners, known as traceurs, utilize a combination of acrobatics, agility, and quick thinking to traverse obstacles such as walls, railings, and rooftops in a creative and efficient manner. It's a physical expression of freedom, often characterized by leaps, vaults, and precision landings that showcase both physical prowess and mental focus. Parkour encourages individuals to perceive their surroundings differently, seeing potential pathways where others might see obstacles. With its roots in military training and urban exploration, parkour has evolved into a vibrant subculture that promotes self-improvement, adaptability, and a unique connection between the human body and the built environment.Our classes are run & supported by the South Australian Parkour Association. Parkour Tots (3-5), Parkour Minis (5-8), Parkour Juniors (9-12) & Open Age Parkour (13+) there is a class for every need & ability.

Tumbling, 1 hour class, 7+, $180 10 week term
Tumble gymnastics, often referred to simply as "tumbling," is a dynamic and acrobatic discipline within the realm of gymnastics. It focuses on intricate sequences of flips, twists, and somersaults often performed on a specialized track known as a "tumble track". Athletes showcase their agility, strength, and control as they execute a series of powerful movements, aiming to seamlessly link them together into a fluid routine. Tumbling routines can vary in complexity, ranging from basic skills like forward rolls and cartwheels to advanced maneuvers like somersaults and aerials in addition to intricate twisting combinations. Tumbling is a captivating display of athleticism that requires precision, balance, and a deep understanding of spatial awareness, making it an exhilarating sport to watch and participate in.

Dragon staff, 1 hour class $190 10 week term, 16 +
Dragonstaff fire spinning is a captivating and daring performance art that combines the grace of staff manipulation with the mesmerizing beauty of fire. The performer wields a staff resembling a dragon's tail, each end adorned with a wick soaked in flammable fuel. As the staff whips through the air, trails of flames paint luminous arcs, casting a warm glow on the surroundings. The rhythmic choreography of spins, twirls, and intricate maneuvers create an entrancing visual spectacle, leaving the audience in awe. The juxtaposition of danger and artistry is palpable, as skilled practitioners expertly control the blazing dance, showcasing both their technical prowess and a deep respect for the element of fire.

Creative Dance Flow, 7+, $160-$190 (dependant on age group), 10 week term
Our dance programs are something different to the norm. Incorporating the theory and technique of Ballet, Contemporary and Lyrical Dance, while recognising the individuals movement style and feeling good while moving your body. At South Coast Circus, we believe the movement is the greatest medicine of all and should feel phenomenal to do. The aim of this program is to equip participants with all the skills and knowledge of technical dance, while also finding your own movement, passion and style within choreography and movement. Suitable for all experience levels. 

Open Training, 13+, 2 hours, $10 per session for currently enrolled students or  invite only.

This is a 2 hour session that is open for all to come along & practice the skills you have been working on, socialise, stretch etc. This is a self directed class, safety precautions are required to be implemented no teaching of new skills during this session, supervision & support provided.
Please note at South Coast Circus, we do not offer trials or one off class attendances due to the nature and structure of our programs and our values around minimising risk and providing safety with in groups. We do however offer pro-rata enrolments and observation sessions. 

Multi class, family discounts available. Please discuss these options with our staff or email
All prices listed are for a 10 week term unless stated otherwise.

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